Mining can be dangerous

The adventure begins deep in the the high security section of the city’s gold mine. During the prisoner’s breakfast, SETH ONYX, an albino, (Greg) is approached by DJANGO, a loner, (Wes) and Blaws, a crotchety old man, (Pat) who try to find out about the newest prisoner to their high security detention area.

Seth claims he was falsely imprisoned, and although skeptical, Django and Blaws accept it.

During the day’s labor, Blaws does the minimal amount of work while chatting up one of the guards, CHARLY. What he learns is that Charly is unsatisfied with his compensation. Blaws remembers that and promises to help him out. Charly tells Blaws that he can get him kitchen duty the next day.

The next day, Blaws is told he has kitchen duty and he gets to pick 2 other prisoners to help him. Django and Seth are chosen, and while the remainder of the prisoners shuffle into the mine, the 3 of them begin to clean up after breakfast.

During the cleaning, they manage to grab a couple of kitchen knives and a meat cleaver.

During the day, the routine food delivery arrives. The 3 prisoners take advantage of this, and plot their escape.

Django uses his telekinetic ability to kill the two guards pushing the food cart. A knife impales itself into each of their necks from behind. The two men fall to the ground with only a gasp as they expire.

Django and Blaws dress in the clothes of the guards while Seth hides in a flour barrel, which is loaded into the wagon by Django and Blaws.

While they are loading the wagon, the new guard, BRYD, approaches. After a quick cleaning of the kitchen, Blaws engages Bryd in conversation. Bryd, easily confused, asked what happened to the prisoners. Blaws claims that they were killed and put into the meat locker, which is where the 2 guards’ bodies are stored. Bryd asked if that was normal; to kill prisoners. “It happens,” was the response. Bryd accepts it and continues on his patrol, clearly shaken, though.

Immediate danger adverted, Django and Blaws push the food cart up to the gate. The gate guard begins to inspect the cart, but Django persuades him that it’s a waste of time, becuase it would be impossible to have a prisoner escape that way. They push the cart through the gate and down the tunnel to the mine shaft’s elevator.

After passing through a series of check points with no interference, they pass through the processing center of the mine and outside into the Mining district.

Trying to fit itn, they ignore the refineries to their right and approach the large food tent on their left. Once inside, they stop the cart. Almost immediately, the cart is emptied by workers, and the barrel Seth is in, is lost in a pile of similar barrels.

Deciding that waiting til dark is the best, Django and Blaws act busy until a gong sounds-a shift change.

As people pack up and leave and as other come in, Blaws cleaves a man’s head in two in a discrete corner near the flour barrels. He then locates Seth by kicking the barrel, and waits for a response. Seth quickly dresses in the dead man’s now bloody clothes. Blaws removes the guard’s armor, so he now looks just like a worker.

It is now dusk, and the three prisoners walk with the crowd to the district gate. As they get closer an alarm sounds throughout the mining complex. At the gate, they discover a large crowd, blocked by a closed gate. The Guard Sergeant explains that there has been an escape attempt by dangerous fugitives, one who uses dangerous magic. They will not be opening the gate until the area has been secured and the workers questioned.

Seth decides to wait it out and takes a seat on a bench.

Djamngo works his way up to the Guard Sergeant and asks him how they are expected to get out. The sergeant gets suspicious, and Django decides to retreat into the crowd.

Blaws enters the gate tower and finds a small guards barracks. He re-dresses as a guard, and equips a Cat-O-Nine Tails. He climbs the stairs, exits the tower and learns that jumping off the wall is not a valid option.

Seth notices that the crowd is becoming unruly, which is something that Django also notices.

Deciding to create a riot, Django stabs the nearest person to him. No one notices that he did it, but when people realize that a pregnant woman was stabed, they turn to him for assistance. Quick thinking, he calls out for medical assistance.

When additional guards approach to secure the area, Django runs off to find his comrades. They quickly decide that Seth is to play a doctor, which Seth agrees he could do without any difficulty.

The three approach the woman, and claim that they will take her to the hospital. The other guards fetch a stretcher and acting like they are concerned, the three prisoners use the woman to escape. The quickly convince the gate guard to let them out. Once they exit the district, the gate is closed again.

They prisoners decide to execute the woman in a dark alley.

With newfound freedom, they ponder their next move…

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