Magic in Felonoor is rather common, however it is heavily regulated. The average citizen does not have access directly to magic, but uses it or sees it being used every day.

Some of the common uses of magic are street lights at night, refrigeration to keep food and beverages cold, voice amplification, and many others.

While magic is regulated and common in the city, it is also feared ecause of its potential misuse.


The Department of Magic regulates the use of magic by limiting the number of licenses given out to the users of magic. Any person caught using magic without a license is immediatly imprisoned.

Magic users are usually given only one license to practice their magic. This license is for a specific element, and cannot be used to learn or practice any other.

Each applicant for a license goes through a thorough background check to verify that they are not attempting to get a 2nd license or a license for an additional element. Other than a very select few high ranking governement officials, each magic user is allowed to practice only one element of magic.

Each license lasts for five years, and the magic user is expected to apply for a new one before theirs expires. The government has lists of license holders who are past due and arrests those who are not in the process of renewing their license. The offenders stay in jail for an indiscriminate amount of time, depending on their skill and danger to the general public. They are typically released if they have a viable explanation of why they didn’t renew, and either turn in their license or begin the process to renew their license.


Magic is a skill that can be learned by practice, however it is also inherited. Typically, those that inherit magic are more powerful than those who learn by schooling.

Each and every magic school is regulated. School typically teach only one element of magic, and are forbidden to teach any other than what their charter is. Schools who disobey are shut down and their instructors imprisoned.


The military uses for magic range from maitnence of equipment to artillery strikes to memeographic work. The military and the city guard each have a company of battle mages at their disposal, but the exact number and identities of those are kept secret.

When a magic user leaves the militart, they are issued a temporary license to practice magic, but must renew their license when the time is up.


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